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Prayers and Devotions, and meditations on scripture are vital, and they help us to develop strong “recollections” and together with a strong interior life; focussed on God, on His commandments and ways.

To know where we are going!

“Recollections” to God's Words; to His teachings and ways, throughout the day so that we can try always to think the right things and act in the right ways in all circumstances of our lives; to try always to be conformed to God's Will. God's words abiding in us. See especially Our Lord's teaching in St John's gospel (ch 14-17.)

St Francis de Sales (a Doctor of the Church and a renowned spiritual director) would tell of how he was taught recollections by his mother as a young child.

Whilst St Louis Marie de Montfort points out as to how the meditations on the gospels when saying the Rosary disposes us to listen to the voice of Eternal Wisdom.

All of this is vital and none more so in this terrible final era of the world as we know it. For in this modern era, so much serves to detach humans into emotional dependence on objective events, and the emotional tensions found in fictional reading and watching also into superficial likes and dislikes, rather than developing a strong interior life focussed on our Lord; recollecting to Him; to His commandments, teaching and ways; all unto His greater glory. In our core identity in Him; Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the true vine, and the author of our heavenly birth; and to whom we owe so much; and a very great much it is that we owe, to The Father; the Son and the Holy Spirit. (See St. John's gospel ch. 14-17.)

A strong interior life found in the Lord and by which to combat, and to protect ourselves from, the very many wrong influences all around. And this is so vitally important and none more so than in this era, with so much in this era encouraging and endorsing that which is grave sin, and for which sincere repentance is needed.

The following concerns a very special prayer: Asking for God's love:
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