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The Westcliff.

The Westcliff, Ramsgate.

The following is what took place at the Westcliff, Ramsgate, in Thanet, Kent, England, on March 5th 1992.

Angela Anne Mary St John (Angela M M Searles.)
Apostle Of The Lord.

On the morning of March 5th 1992, I left the flat where I was living near Pegwell Bay in Ramsgate, to walk into town. It was a Thursday, around 9am. As I started to walk up the slight hill of Pegwell road I felt as though I was somehow being lifted from within.

It was a Spiritual force and it filled all of me, but I was aware of it initially and continuously as most powerfully in the middle of my ribcage, more towards the lower part and within. It was as though it was touching specifically a depth within me. I later thought that it was within my soul. It became more and more forceful and, as I walked onwards and turned into Saint Mildred's Avenue, it was as though I was being projected upwards and above and beyond myself in some way.

As I continued walking I began to realize that I had become immersed in what was happening and that I had covered quite a distance in what seemed a very short space of time, all the time the Spiritual force was increasing. I continued on a while and by this time was near to the top of the town.

Having turned instinctively to walk towards the seafront, I soon found myself in Marlborough Road. I crossed Queen Street/ Westcliff Road to go on into Addington Street and, as I did so, I looked up and high to my right, and I saw what was like a moving picture in the sky.

I saw soft flames coming from the sky but which seemed close and I saw persons sitting behind the flames. It was as though they were seated and very relaxed. The figures were very large and their appearance was radiant but with a softness and their hair looked very silky and in quite long, soft curls. I understand this was the apostles.

Their clothes were very colourful, in primary colours, but with a gentleness. The flames looked soft and full and were darting about in front of them. One I noticed in particular, he had black hair which was shorter, rather than longer, it was in soft silky curls/waves like the others. His features seemed to be smiling, as in a very handsome appearance. And joyous. I later understood this to be Saint John the Divine.

I continued on and as I walked along the top of the Westcliff itself, the Spiritual force within me became stronger and stronger and, as I got towards the very end of the Westcliff, Our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ spoke to me from the sky.

His voice was strong and clear, of the most immense power and with a very rich almost echoing density to it. It was monumentally powerful and to Itself, by this I mean it was as though there was nothing outside of Its force and impact. As He spoke, I was then walking in what was a great height. Our Lord said to me:

“Trust, Tell The Truth
Walk Ten Feet Tall
Always Know Where
You Are Going”

And I felt over a hundred feet tall, and, as I, Angela, have always described it, I felt as though I could have stepped across to France from the cliff top in two steps! I was totally immersed in what was happening and it was as though I was inclusive to the force Itself; that is, within Its great path. I was very bewildered and in awe.

Then, as the intensity of the Spiritual force gradually receded, I became aware that there were others on the Westcliff, they were close by but had at first seemed in the distance. They seemed totally unaware of what had happened. I remember that I put my arm against a wall, I suppose to steady myself, and I noticed that my hands and my nails were as though being rushed to perfection.

But though a practicing Catholic, I had little understanding of my faith, and the true teachings of the Church. And I was found unworthy. And surrounded by many who had no wish to help. And some way from home; the case for a long time.

I understand that I am from Ireland; most likely a rural part of Ireland.

Difficult circumstances and my own lack of attention and focus meant that for a long time I was away from where I needed to be and what I should have been doing. And when written down and given to the Church, no interest has been shown as to these events.

But God has been good to me, wanting my role for me, a poor wretched thing am I but armed with my Saviour's merits, and holding my Mother's (the Blessed Virgin Mary's) hand. I asked Her to mend for me like a mother mends for her child in its faltering, stumbling ways. She would ensure my heading in the right way and have me bonded to Her Son; my Saviour. The Blessed Virgin has a Mother's hold upon me. Her Spiritual Maternity is very powerful. All of our heavenly family of angels and saints want to and do help us, helped/help me who prayed/pray to them dearly.

God has been generous to me, showing me a Father's love. Gathering me to Himself; in His love my seeking Him. A true Father, showing me a Father's protection and love. He is very rich and splendid. His glory is all around. And Merciful. Trust Him. Fear Him. Seek Him. Give great glory and honour to Him. The great and awesome Majesty.

The part of the Westcliff concerned is a Sacred place and it has its own quite unique atmosphere and charm. I think that it retains, ever so slightly, the dimensional shifts I experienced in very early March 1992. And which dimensional shifts will, as I understand it, occur everywhere in the day(s) directly preceding the Lord's Second Coming. (See: Apoc.6:14.)

And I have long since thought as to a statue being there; of Our Lord's Sacred Heart. This a focus on God's great Mercy. And a devotion so endorsed by the Early Father's of the Church. Looking up to heaven, and tall enough to be seen from France on a clear day.

Events from long before in my life placed me in Thanet on that day. But for which, as I understand it, I would not have been there on that day. That I would most likely have been in Ireland. But that is where Our Lord spoke to me on that day. And The Westcliff at Ramsgate is a most Sacred place.

And the Westcliff at Ramsgate is near the spot (within a mile or so) of where St Augustine and his forty missionaries landed in England in 597 AD, and galvanized the existing pockets of Catholics who had bravely maintained the Faith (St Alban etc) through what had already been many centuries of various difficulties, and persecutions of the Church. And turned the pagan Saxon white horse (King Ethelbert, married to a Catholic princess had, fortunately, welcomed Augustine) into the White Horse that symbolizes the victory of Our Lord's Word; the identity of the first horse and horseman of the Apocalypse (Apoc. 6:2.)

And now to the significance of the date; 1992. This is 40 years before 2032; 2032 as being the 2000th anniversary of the first Easter, and of Our Lord's glorious Resurrection from the dead and Ascension into heaven. Some hold AD33 to be the first and which sees 2032 as the 2000th Easter. Forty years is the Biblical time of preparation and culmination; the flood waters were on the earth for 40 days (Gen 8:6) the Israelites spent 40 years in the desert (Jos.5:6.) Our Lord's 40 days period of fasting (Matt.4:2) the 40 days between Our Lord's resurrection and His Ascension( Acts 1:3.) 2032 could also be just before, in the same way as the Ascension is just before Pentecost. It could, of course, also be before the 2030's. Of course only God knows when the exact time will be. But the 2030's is rightly anticipated (should be a profound focus of attention) to be the decade of Our Lord's glorious Second Coming in Judgement.

If it does go later on into the century then the preparation for the 2030's will serve as a very valuable focus of preparation. But note, and to emphasize, this reason for the 2030's being such a focus, mankind depleting in numbers now rapidly, means that the final chastisement cannot go on too much further into the century and there be many humans left in the world.

Please, and I emphasize, pray for direct help from God. Mankind is in very great need.

Please pray for the Sign of The Son of Man.(Matt.24:30.)

A Prayer

Lord Jesus, from wherever I am in my life now,
guide me as to how I must be. So that on Your
Day, it will be my day, in You. Amen

Plan and Prepare for the Lord.

© Angela Anne Mary St John (Angela M M Searles.)
Apostle Of The Lord.

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